Monday, December 31, 2007

Explaining the Course

The RCA History and Missions (DL) course will require regular participation and attention to deadlines. The students will be expected to complete the readings as outlined for each session. Dr. Meeter will post an introduction to each session on this blog - questions and brief public discussions can then be posted as comments. Both Dr. Meeter and I will monitor the comments. Students are encouraged to post at least one comment per session.

Each student will also be asked to post some journal entries on each session. A journal entry should indicate that the reading has been completed, some critical thinking has taken place by the student, and all questions have been answered. The journal is private and access is limited to the instructors and the student.

Small group discussion is also required. Although students may want to repeat some of their journal discussion with the small group, it must be remembered that this is a public discussion and respectful debate is encouraged. Each student should make 2 - 3 discussion postings per week.

Each session will also include a quiz. It is expected that students spend 15 - 20 hours on this course every session (Two weeks). Technical questions should be addressed to the MFCA Office (800-435-5136).


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Hi, I'm Daniel Meeter. I'm the pastor of Old First Reformed Church in Brooklyn, NY, and I'm team-teaching this Distance Learning Course in RCA History and Missions. Cor Kors is my teammate (and friend). More to come!