Monday, March 3, 2008

Brouwer and DeVelder

This picture, taken from the book Ecumenical Testimony by Arie Brouwer, was described as a meeting of the ecumenical testimony. Brouwer is in the center of the picture (dark hair and glasses). Others are Glenn Bruggers, John Hiemstra, Chuck Wissink and Don Bruggink... all RCA folks meeting at Western Theological Seminary.

Allow me to add some other information regarding General Secretaries and the leadership of the RCA in areas of domestic, foreign mission and ecumenical relationships. Two men who served prior to Ed Mulder and Gene Heideman were Marion (Mert) de Velder and Arie Brouwer. Both were raised in Northwest Iowa and both are now deceased; but, each did their part - you will read about them in By Grace Alone.

Brouwer was born in Inwood, Iowa in 1935 and was married to Harriet Korver, sister of Harold Korver, my pastor at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Paramount, California.

Marion de Velder was born in Boyden, Iowa in 1912 and retired as General Secretary in 1977. Rev. de Velder was much like Mulder, most people felt he was on their side no matter what the issue. Brouwer on the other hand ended his service with the World Council and National Council of Churches and many in the RCA felt he had sold out to the liberals...

For anyone wanting bonus points... can you name my father-in-law (Jane's dad) who is mentioned on page 177 in By Grace Alone?




Old First said...

Is that Glenn Bruggers on the left? He just died. A missionary in Japan, and then a denominational staffer for missions. I got to know him while I was at Central, Grand Rapids, because he was my minister of calling. What a lovely, gentle, kindly, quietly brilliant man. A deeply devout believer. In his early days as a missionary, in China, he was part of a meeting with Mao Tse Tung on the Long March.

Cornelis Kors said...

Yup... Its Glenn!